Most of us haven't been faced with the possibility of losing our children prematurely. As a parent, nothing should be off the table when it comes to what lengths we should go to to ensure the safety of our kids.

I came across a Magic Valley Rants Raves submission from a north Idaho woman dated Monday (August 6) that shows the extent a parent should gladly go to to raise awareness of a dire situation. The photo, taken by a woman named Cassandra, shows a man driving a truck on Hwy 95 with the words, "Son Needs KIDNEY," across the driver's side in large white letters.

This family needs help. While we all may not have a kidney we can donate to help out, there is someone, somewhere out there, who could potentially be a match for this family.

Thanks to Cassandra for her compassion, and for trying to get this message out. That "son," could be yours.

kidney snip

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