TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho wildlife managers say they have completed an elk trapping and relocation effort in the Little Camas area to help reduce the damage done to local farm fields.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game wrapped up the gathering and relocation of 30 elk that had been living mostly on farm land in an area between Fairfield and Mountain Home. The elk herd had been a problem for the owners who had to file depredation claims for damage done on the farm, according to Idaho Fish and Game.

The project began in 2020 with a brief break and resumed in 2021. Officials say hazing and reduction of the elk herd helped reduce the depredation claims. Conservation officers and biologist rounded up the elk using helicopters that pushed the animals into pins where they were loaded into trailers and moved to another area. Biologists put radio collars on several of the elk so they could be monitored.

Idaho Fish and Game decided to use trapping and relocation of elk after input from hunters. Typically trapping isn't used as a technique to deal with damage to crops. Some of the other means include depredation, managed hunts, fencing and non-lethal hazing of the animals.

Idaho Fish and Game said it will monitor elk in the area this summer and determine if sharp-shooting at night may be needed to haze the herd.

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Elk Trapping Operation

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