If you've ever wanted to take part in a guided Idaho adventure, there is a program that's been airing on Idaho Public Television that highlights some of the best professionals in the business to assist you.

For those of you, like myself, that have a strong passion for the Idaho outdoors and have ever thought about taking part in a guided adventure, there's a program that has been airing for more than 30 seasons on IPT that you might want to check out. For years, I've been wanting to take a rafting trip down the Snake or Salmon River. For beginners, contacting a professional who leads these types of trips is the first step in the process.

"The Outfitters" is a cable show that airs on IPT, and is available to stream through PBS. I didn't even know the show existed until recently, and now I can't stop watching it.

Episode one of the 34th season first aired in October of 2018. It's perfect for anyone seeking out this type of experience, whether it be hunting, rafting, backpacking, kayaking, or some other adventure. The best Idaho guides in the business are in the episode. The scenic beauty of some of the state locations featured on the program make watching it worthwhile alone.

This particular episode is 26-minutes in length, and should leave you with some valuable information if you're serious about a guided excursion.

White Peaks Outfitters are located in both southeastern Idaho and northern Utah, and are one of the closest guide businesses to Twin Falls. They are a great example of what awaits a person seeking a great Idaho outdoor experience.


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