In case you haven't heard, the resident weather guessers in the Magic Valley are telling us we'll have temps in the 90's this weekend. With that in mind, what better time to share a video that will likely inspire you to want to get outside immediately.

Let me offer kudos and a proper high-five to the Idaho Public Television people. They enlisted the Outside Idaho crew to go investigate the many parts of Idaho that remain untamed without all of us city folk messing stuff up.

Here's their YouTube description of what they were trying to capture:

The Outdoor Idaho crew travels to the end of the road to find Idaho's hidden places. They explore Joyce Ranch, Paradise, Elk City, Big Creek, Bayview, Chesterfield, and Castle Peak.

Mission accomplished. Of all the Idaho videos that have tourism in mind, this is one of the best I've seen that really helps you understand what makes certain parts of Idaho unique compared to any other state in the country.

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