How many songs have mentioned Idaho? These are the things we think about, or at least I do, during bored pandemic times. You may have your own weird thoughts and that is fine. Wondering about song lyrics is far from my weirdest thoughts, but we aren't going there today. This wasn't a totally random thought either since I only started thinking about it when a friend in Wyoming mentioned it. He says that Wyoming has been mentioned more than 100 times and to me that seemed like a lot. I didn't grow up here, I grew up in Utah, and based on my upbringing I'd say that Wyoming would get a lot of mentions in country music and thus more mentions overall than Idaho. Nope. Idaho is mentioned more than twice as many times in song lyrics, so take that Wyoming.

You can go on to the Lyrics website and search basically all known songs for mentions of any topic or keyword. For Idaho that number is 262 mentions. For the word 'bacon' it is just under 1,100 mentions. Idaho is even mentioned more times than Utah and Oregon which is a real surprise to me. So what songs do we give the credit to for all these mentions? Some of the more famous mentions are the B-52's with Private Idaho, Gorillaz and Train both had songs named Idaho, and Foo Fighters with Danny Says. Idaho is also in lyrics of many songs that have multiple recordings and covers by different bands so that adds to the mentions too. Listen to a few of the Idaho lyric songs below and let us know if you have a favorite.

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