You never know what kind of adventure will happen when you head out into the Idaho wilderness. Great example here. Some hunters were tracking elk and then some wolves showed up and spoiled the party.

I've never seen anything by these ElkNut Outdoor Productions YouTube people before, but this is really high quality video, especially considering they captured it in the middle of nowhere.

I will admit that I'm not an elk expert. Understatement of the year. I just learned that the boy elk are bulls and the girl elk are cows. I've been trained to not refer to ladies as cows. The Elk Network has some great elk facts, if you want to get caught up on your elk habits.

The video gets even more interesting around the 1:32 mark when a couple wolves show up. The hunters are guessing the fact that they have been pretending they're an elk with their calls has attracted them. Is it just me or would a pack of wolves thinking I'm an elk not sound like a good idea?

One of (if not THE) highlights of the video came when one of the hunters started talking about how they have nothing to worry about with the wolves since he hears they are vegetarians. He's not alone in that theory, but I'd be afraid to assume the wolves won't try to take a bite out of my hide.

Overall, this is a great video that's worth the watch if only to see a little piece of Idaho at its wildest.

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