My New Year's resolution bit the dust on day 3 of 2017. Hopefully, you're faring better than me. According to a new survey, there is one city in Idaho that will give you a better chance than any other at sticking to your new goals.

I'll give you two guesses, but you'll only need one. According to a new study by Wallet Hub, Boise is one of the best places in Idaho (and the entire country, for that matter) to keep your New Year's resolution.

Source: WalletHub

Way to go big city Idaho folks. You're #12 in the US for doing what most people don't accomplish. The factors they used to describe this are interesting: financial stuff, health, education and bad habits. The Wallet Hub people obviously did not factor in a city's decision to color their football fields blue. Oh, well.

If you really want to go large on making 2017 a year of positive change, you might want to pack your bags and go to Salt Lake City. Our friends to the south came in #1 in the entire US of A for keeping New Year's resolutions. Good for you. As for me, I have cake to eat.

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