I know registered Republicans who don’t like many of their party’s own elected legislators.  At both the state and national level.  Some of my friends even call them Republicans in name only, or by the acronym RINO and, yet.  None of these frustrated Republican voters ever threaten to kill their legislators.

The kook-a-loos on the left are angry the state has authorized the culling of wolves.

Angry and leftist environmentalists are another story.  Last week several members of the Idaho House of Representatives and Senate received mailed death threats.  With what strangely appears to be a capitol postmark!  Worse, it’s the Governor’s return address!

Let’s be clear, Governor Brad Little isn’t behind the mailing.

The kook-a-loos on the left are angry the state has authorized the culling of wolves.  When the animals were re-introduced the plan was for a population of 150 and by all estimates it’s now ten times the size or even larger.  Legislators were responding to constituents who blame wolves for livestock depredation.  In just the last few days a woman walking her dogs was nearly attacked by wolves.  Pepper spray drove them away.

Two local legislators have both confirmed they received the letters.  They represent Jerome and Twin Falls Counties.  Clark Kauffman and Laurie Lickley don’t easily frighten.  I believe you could set a bomb off next to Representative Kauffman and he would suggest the sound was just a bit too loud.

The letters have been turned over to Idaho State Police.

As for the writer of the letters, these are the kind of people who would threaten to take human lives over the loss of an animal.  I’ll wager they’re the same kind of people who would be proud of getting an abortion but somehow believe they could hug a cute and cuddly wolf with sharp teeth.  A little prison time should allow some examination of conscience.

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