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If you live in Idaho, you probably cook on an electric stove.  Why not?  Because of our reliance on hydropower, electricity is a bargain here.  In California, gas is the most popular choice.  Because the cost of electricity is outrageous!  More than five times what you would pay for cooking with gas.

I cook on gas.  I also have a toaster oven/air fryer that operates on electricity.  Some foods are better baked in the electric heat, but if you’re cooking on a stovetop, then give me gas.  I even find gas is a better conductor for simple things like cooking popcorn, which I like better from a pot than a microwave bag.

There may be one exception in Idaho.  Go into a local café and watch the work in the kitchen.  The cooks are using flames.  Ask them if they could do the same work with electricity and you’ll be told no.

Some of the recent talks about a nationwide ban on gas stoves have been doused for the moment.  Not that it’ll go away.  The tree-hugging crowd is like the Borg from Star Trek.  They’ve simply moved and are probing another point of attack.  We simply don’t have the volume of electricity to power every oven in America.  Especially as the demand for power can’t even keep up with plans for an electric automobile fleet.

This might change if every small town in America had a modular nuclear reactor, but don’t hold your breath while you wait for that to happen.

I gather Lefty isn’t worried if you lose the gas and can’t get any power for the electric range.  After all, if you starve then we get to subtract your carbon footprint.

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