We haven't even officially hit fall season yet and people are already talking about skiing. The first day of fall is only 6 days away now on September 23, 2019 and winter won't be here for a few more months after that. But, that isn't keeping us from talking about it. In fact, today we might be a little more excited for winter because that means Christmas and Christmas is only 100 days away now. Despite that, winter isn't my favorite season. I like being warm and laying on beaches by the ocean but winter does have definite benefits. I like the occasional  day in the snow playing and then warming up at home by the fireplace. Idaho is a great state for those who love to play in the snow and in a recent article from Unofficial Networks, we have the most authentic ski town in all of North America. Yes, that includes resort towns in Canada too.

When I think of ski towns, since I grew up in Salt Lake City, I immediately think of three places: Vail in Colorado, Park City in Utah, and Sun Valley here in Idaho. Only one of those three made it on the top 10 list. Our Idaho town beat out resorts in Montana, Canada, Alaska, and really every other state and Canadian province. That's impressive.

The list on Unofficial Networks only includes resorts that are associated with a town so places closer to the Magic Valley like Magic Mountain and Pomerelle weren't included. Did they get the list right or does another ski town deserve the top honor?

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