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Not all of Blaine County is filled with flaming liberals!  There are some wealthy conservatives among the crowd.  State Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon spoke at an event in Sun Valley and met several of them.  The next day at a large breakfast, many wrote checks to the state GOP.

The Republicans and conservatives of Sun Valley have also been very good to President Trump.  Stacker.com compiled a list of the communities in Idaho that have backed Trump by putting money where their mouths are.  It’s based on donations adjusted for the population.  Sun Valley is the kindest place in Idaho to the Trump campaign.  Burley is the only other place in south central Idaho that made the list.

I know a businessman in Burley and he’s the most full-throated Trump supporter I’ve ever encountered.  Many business people know the former President has a keen understanding of regulations, meeting a payroll, and surviving the lean times.

Trump is seeing support from pockets across the state.  From small towns to larger communities.  But mostly from the smaller locations.  Arco, Orofino and Melba are on the list.

I didn’t see any communities from Twin Falls County among the top 25.  Am I surprised?  Not at all.  Some of our local Republicans believed Mr. Trump was too over the top in 2016, and I’m sure they haven’t changed their minds, even though many approved of his policies.  These are the same Republicans who tell me they wish he could be a better moral exemplar.

If he’s his party’s nominee next year, they'll get behind him.

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