Let's face it, dolls are friggin creepy. An Idaho man claims to have unearthed a doll head that he believes originated from England back when the country was routinely exporting such toys well over a century ago.

I've always been creeped out by dolls. Hollywood has made a pretty penny in recent years cashing in on people's phobias of dolls by creating freakish props to scare audiences, with films such as Annabelle, Child's Play, The Boy, and others, but it's still those older, generic kinds that people used to make in the early twentieth century that are the most disturbing in my opinion.

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My daughter was never really into dolls, so I was spared. She does still bring an old pumpkin plushy we got her when she was a year old when she comes to visit, but pumpkins I can handle. I recently came across an item an Idaho man named Kevin shared in 2021 that is still getting comments from people who stumble across it.

The four photos of the doll Kevin shared on the antiques website have been viewed and commented on by numerous individuals. The post doesn't specify exactly where the doll head was found, but does list the site as an "Idaho ghost town," which of course makes the claim that much more freaky.

Kevin believes the item was manufactured in England and buried for more than a century. Finding something like this in my backyard would have sent me directly to the local bar.

If you're totally freaked out by dolls like me, then don't watch the Ghost Adventures episode "Fear on Island of Dolls," which captures the crew's visit to a famous site in Mexico.

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