Some of Idahoans favorite things, camping and ghost towns. You can actually camp INSIDE a real ghost town in Gilmore Idaho and it is about a 3 and a half hour drive from Twin Falls. Plus it is going to be super secluded.

According to the information at, where you need to go to book the camp site for the night for a whole $5, this is the only camp site in the ghost town, so no one else is going to just pop in on you. It is virtually private unless someone takes a day trip there while you happen to be camping there.

There are not a ton of amenities, but what do you expect for some dry tent camping in a town that hasn't been inhabited since the 1930s. It is also important to note that you can explore the ghost town but you MUST NOT enter any of the old buildings or any private property for preservation and trespassing reasons. With residents it won't be 100 percent private but pretty close.

There is also an old cemetery there that I feel like I have to check out. This place is called Camp Badger, and again, according to the website, it is the only campsite available within the Gilmore town and 7 guests are allowed.

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There is no toilet, but campfires and pets are allowed. You bust bring your own tent and campers to stay there. It is also close to Meadow Lake so if you somehow get bored of the creepy yet fun ghost town, you can go check out some lakes. Let me put this on my list of places to go this summer.

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