I don't get emotional. I am a rock. But, this story about an Idaho man who received a liver transplant completely choked me up. Maybe it will do the same to you, too.

Here's the story as it was reported by ABC News. It's the story of Troy Westover from Oakley, Idaho. His liver was failing and he was near death when he received a liver transplant from Marissa Pummill, a 21-year-old girl who had died a week prior. Grab some tissues and watch this.

What an amazing story. Try to absorb that. This girl saved six people. SIX PEOPLE. Just because she agreed to be an organ donor.

If this doesn't inspire you to be an organ donor, nothing will. If an unemotional rock like me can be moved to research becoming an Idaho organ donor, you can too. Find out more on the Idaho DMV website. Someone's life may someday depend on it.

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