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Photo by Gabriel González on Unsplash
Photo by Gabriel González on Unsplash

Do you think this isn’t a big deal?  We all need comfortable feet.  I wear a size 15 in shoes.  I need some big socks too.  Much of what I find in stores is the texture of burlap.  Or they don’t fit well around my toes.  I’ve got long toes.  Since I was a boy I’ve been able to pick up pens and pencils from a coffee table simply by using my toes.

If your feet aren’t comfortable, then you’re not comfortable.

I got spoiled a couple of years ago.  I walked into a convenience store in Nampa and there was a rack of socks at the checkout counter.  Again, of all places at a convenience store.  Black socks with silver heels and toes.  On sale.  I bought a dozen.  They were the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn.  I also wear short socks.  No higher than my ankles.  It’s better for circulation.

Socks don’t last forever.  After numerous piles of washing, they sometimes become abrasive.  The socks from Nampa remained soft.  Unfortunately, they did wear out.  Being I bought them off a rack at a convenience store, I never knew the brand.

A few weeks ago I was shopping at a big-box store and bought some socks with a vaguely similar look.  Not the same and to constricting.  So I went online and bought something that looked like a possibility.  I’m wearing a pair right now.  I’d rather be barefooted.

Some of you may be familiar with the nationally known TV anchor Greg Kelly.  Greg and I worked at the same TV station more than 20 years ago.  He always wore expensive shoes but never socks.  If your shoes breathe, you can get away without wearing socks.  If your shoes don’t breathe, you get something icky.

I’m at the end of my rope.

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