One of the nation's most recognized food manufacturers would like U.S. moms to focus on themselves this Mother's Day. The company is going as far as offering to front the babysitting tab.

Kraft Foods, makers of such family pleasing products including macaroni and cheese in the box, Lunchables, and Oscar Meyer hot dogs and cold cuts, is offering to pay moms $100 to take a break from their duties on Mother's Day, which is May 12.

The Kraft "Mother's Day Away" promotion offers the funds to any moms that promise to get out of the house on Sunday for some much-needed R & R. The first step in taking advantage of this offer is to find a babysitter for Mother's Day. Then, Kraft is inviting moms to submit babysitting receipts to its website for reimbursement.

So, if you're a mom that could use Sunday off from your childcare duties, you might want to phone a relative or friend and lock a sitter in for Mother's Day.

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