The weekend to honor moms throughout the Gem State is upon us. The forecast for Sunday is looking good to get her outside for a picnic on the river or some boating or kayaking.

Happy Mother's Day to all the southern Idaho moms! This weekend will be the warmest of 2023 so far, and it's just going to get hotter over the next 10 days until highs climb to near 90 degrees by next Friday, according to

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Hopefully, if you're planning to do something nice for your mother it involves getting outside this weekend. Mother's Day is Sunday, and southern Idaho temps will be in the low-seventies. Lake Walcott, the Snake River, Blue Heart Springs, Thousands Springs State Park, Balanced Rock Park, and other southern Idaho destinations will be ideal landing spots for a Mother's Day outing this weekend.

The Magic Valley should get its first taste of 80-degree weather for 2023 on Monday. Gradually, the weather will warm well into the eighties by Thursday (May 18). Just remember, the rivers will be rushing will great force over the next several months due to runoff from a heavier-than-usual snowpack, so be extremely careful, especially in spots along the Snake River such as Pillar Falls.

Every spring, area law enforcement reminds the public of the dangers of Pillar Falls currents. Drownings are unfortunately common near this area of southern Idaho, so don't take any unnecessary risks.

Again, we want to wish all Idaho moms a very happy Mother's Day on Sunday.

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