Idaho is an interesting state when it comes to our food. We are known everywhere as the potato state but in studies about our food, potatoes rarely make the lists. Our unique food is the finger steak and the most pinned food online for Idahoans isn't even a food. That honor goes to canning which, I guess you can technically bottle potatoes, so we'll count that as a tater win. Now we have Thanksgiving happening in just a few weeks and this is a holiday made for potatoes. Mashed potatoes, cheesy funeral potatoes, baked potatoes, and bags of chips will be consumed in gross amounts. Despite the love of potato based foods around the holidays, our most searched savory Thanksgiving food has nothing to do with potatoes.

avory Green Beans via HouseMethod
Savory Green Beans via HouseMethod

The options for savory food recipes are vast. It could include a roasted or deep fried turkey, gravy, dressing, potato dishes, and casseroles. In Idaho, according to the data from House Method, our most searched for savory recipe is for green bean casserole. Yuck. When I see that it makes me think this is all a joke. Or maybe there is a more simple and logical answer as to why we search for green bean casserole over other savory dishes. We already know how to cook all the other good stuff but since we don't cook the casserole very often that is the only recipe we have to look up. That is why I think it is our number one recipe search. Definitely not because it is a good dish.

As for Thanksgiving desserts, the top searched recipe is for pumpkin cheesecake. Yum.

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