If you've seen it, then you know. An Idaho motorist posted to social media recently and credited a 2003 horror film with making him a more cautious driver, especially when following a logging truck.

Films can leave lasting impacts on people. I know the first time I saw the truck pile-up scene in Final Destination 2, it shocked me to the core. It's the first thing I think about when I find myself tailing a logging truck. I own the first five of these films on DVD if that tells you anything.

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The scene in the film is pretty graphic (not for young kids), and basically shows a gruesome, chain-reaction freeway crash that's caused when a massive log falls off the back of a truck. I don't know a single person who hasn't seen it, and hasn't been changed in some way when behind the wheel because of it.

There are YouTubers that have shared numerous videos about the movie scene and its roadway influence on them. I can honestly say that the movie did make me a more cautious driver, and many others also appear to have learned not to tailgate trucks because of it.

An Idaho Reddit user recently also shared a series of photographs after tailing a logging truck on a snowy roadway. The title of the post was, "I've Seen Final Destination Enough To Know I Should Keep My Distance."

It's a pleasure to hear from another traumatized soul thanks to Final Destination 2.

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