I like to think of myself as a helpful person. When I saw that someone on the Idaho Reddit page wants to know if Jerome or Buhl is better, I just knew that I had to do something about it. You know this will end well.

Here's the Idaho Reddit thread so you can see the exact question. In a nutshell, they think they're moving in the near future and want to know about those areas. So far, the comments have been hilarious. A couple have even been helpful.

I am Switzerland in this debate, as neutral as can be. But, for reference, here are some Jerome and Buhl stats from the Neighborhood Scout website.

Crime rate (out of 100, 100 being the safest):

Schools (average students per class)

I was prepared to declare Buhl the winner based on ice cream alone (some on Reddit agree with me), but that's not fair.

I would love it if you'd vote in our poll, but also please comment on this person's Reddit thread. I have no doubt you can be more intelligent than some of the (admittedly very funny) advice the person is getting.

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