The 2023 national competition that pits mullets against mullets is underway and organizers are accepting photographs of the country's most impressive representations of the "business in the front, party in the back" hairstyles. I've personally seen some fantastic Idaho mullets, and hope the state gets represented well this year.

The mullet-sporting forces to be reckoned with in the United States in recent years have included New York, Texas, Tennessee, and Colorado, according to various websites I've surfed in preparation for this story. One of the most celebrated mullets in 2022 was the one worn by Colorado native Darius P. Nabors. It's a well-deserved acknowledgment if you've seen it with your own eyes, but having lived in Twin Falls for a number of years, I've seen a few that I believe could give Nabors a run for his money.

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The USA Mullet Championship is on! Idaho mullet wearers can now enter online for a shot at United States supremacy. Mullets have been around for decades and have been inspiring others to rock shoulder to mid-back length luscious, flowing locks with a well-manicured, business cut in the front. Larger-lensed, Oakley sunglasses have been a popular pairing for those that do the do (hairdo).

If you believe you have what it takes (or know someone) to take that shaggy in the back, clean-shaven side / front style to the pinnacle of U.S. achievements in hair growth, then don't hesitate to put Idaho atop the Mount Rushmore of mullet champions.

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