It’s nice to see mainstream media flummoxed.  My friend, Coach Pete Coulson, has a new assignment.  He’s now a member of the school indoctrination task force assembled by Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.  When McGeachin made the announcement, the liberals opposed to the work of the task force were scratching their heads.  Who is Pete Coulson?

He works for the Department of Corrections as an analyst.  He’s pondering retirement.  He has coached and refereed high school sports.  He was a long time youth counselor in the Magic Valley as well as working with younger adults.

He doesn’t believe in making excuses.  He believes he was blessed when his family came to the United States.

When the principal at a school in Ada County planned an event centered on Black Lives Matter, Coach Pete offered to get involved.  With one exception.  Pete’s mantra is All Lives Matter.  He didn’t get an opportunity to share an opposing view.

The man was born in an orphanage in Austria.  His biological father was a black man.  He served in the U.S. military.  Pete’s birth mother was a prostitute.  A twin brother died.  Later, Pete was adopted by a devoutly Christian family and raised with nearly a dozen other kids in the household.

The family relocated to Canyon County and he learned to milk 240 cows twice a day.  Then he went off to college and struggled with dyslexia.  Through some very hard work, he earned a degree.  He doesn’t believe in making excuses.  He believes he was blessed when his family came to the United States.

You can now understand why he’s concerned about cultural Marxism seeping into Idaho schools.  His adoptive mother lived under both Nazi and Soviet rule.  He just might be the most qualified person in Idaho when it comes to rooting out leftist impulses in schools.

When the reporters discover he’s a Christian and a conservative, you can expect the media will afflict him with all manner of maladies.  His experience in life should offer him some armor against the coming attacks.

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