Quarantine has brought out the truth in people. When people get bored, you get to see who they really are because that's when we are forced to look for ways to be entertained. When the pandemic started, there was a noticeable change in news stories and social media posts. Everyone was talking about the coronavirus, but when that became old news and we got bored with COVID-19, that's when we really started seeing true personalities come out. Some people have dealt with the quarantine boredom with humor and others have turned to anger. But that's only what we see when they post on their Facebook page, we don't get to see what else everyone is thinking about in their spare time.

Idaho online searches during the pandemic are kind of an eye-opener to me. Because we are seeing so much division online, rather than participate Idahoans are looking to disconnect. One of the more interesting searches that a lot of Idaho residents are doing is 'How To Delete Facebook'. That's according to a new Zippia research map that covers every state and their interesting searched during the pandemic according to Google Trends. Are we so fed up with the social media mayhem that we want to delete it from our lives?

Other states clearly have more issues than we do. In Missouri they are searching for meth recipes, Texans can't sleep, and Louisiana is just getting in on the taking care of your hair trend.

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