Only in Idaho would this be a thing. But, it's worth noting that elk and dogs don't play together very well. I can prove this with a new video that I've just come across.

Brandon Sparks shared this video on YouTube of his dogs and an elk. The dogs seem to be enjoying the encounter very much. The elk does not appear amused. Brandon offered this description:

Nice morning watch the dogs and Elk getting some exercise. The elk often eat the apples in our yard. Normally they leave when the dogs start barking but this time we had the camera ready and they seem to want to play.

This inspired one genius to ask why elk eat apples. That was answered on the website Quora with the explanation because "they're tasty". Ask a dumb question...

If you read on, you'll also learn that there are people in Jackson Hole that specifically put apple trees in their yard to attract elk. Gotta love Wyoming people.

Let this video serve as a reminder, just in case you're tempted, that you may need to choose either dogs or elk as a pet, but not both.

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