I was born in the seventies. The fashion and personal grooming habits of most people during this time period made for some interesting family portraits to say the least.

My mother wasn't overly concerned with getting the family together for annual professional photography sessions. From the day I was born up to the age of 10, we might have had two or three trips to an area photographer for a portrait. Bad hairstyles and lots of corduroy are the two things that stand out still to this day.

Every family I believe has taken at least one group image that could have landed on the Awkward Family Photos website. The website is full of ridiculous portraits and insanely bad images of individuals related to one another in some shape or form. They even have a Hall of Fame section devoted to the worst of the worst.

One submission that has received over 10,000 shares is said to be of an Idaho father attempting to open a car door while being straddled by a deer. It's titled "Something Wild," and is about as awkward as a photo can get. The picture was taken in 1980, according to its caption.

The Internet is full of bad family photo montages. While I couldn't locate any of our own after searching for close to an hour, trust me, we took some really bad ones that were definitely worthy of being featured on the website.

Do you have any portraits or individual pictures taken over the years of a relative or family members that are particularly awkward? If so, feel free to share it. 

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