It is being reported that Idaho Power, which manages many southern Idaho recreation sites, will soon be reopening certain day parks and boat ramps after weeks of closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Two areas I really enjoy spending afternoons kayaking at in southern Idaho are Thousand Springs and Twin Falls day use parks. Both offer relatively calm waters, a number of scenic waterfalls and plenty of available parking. Thousand Springs is a bit more of a workout, but the waterfalls and the access around Ritter Island make it worthwhile.

According to a recent update on the Idaho Power website, many of its managed day use parks will open back up on Friday, May 1. There might be some posted restrictions for the first several weeks following Friday's reopening, but it is looking as if we'll be able to legally enjoy boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, and other recreational activities by the weekend.

The notice on the Idaho Power website also mentions that its managed camp grounds will remain closed until further notice. Idaho Power still expects visitors to its day use parks to practice social-distancing (six feet or more apart from others), according to the website. Park officials will also be monitoring overcrowding in the first few weeks following the reopening of its sites, in a continued effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To get more information on specific parks and recreation sites that are reopening, click here.

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