According to a new study, Idaho is ranked one of the worst states for women and equality. In fact, Idaho is ranked 49th out of 50 with only Utah being ranked worse.

According to the study, Idaho is ranked 49th in education and health rank for women. That may be because Idaho women are some of the least likely to do testing like mammograms.

Idaho is also ranked 47th for women and the work hours gap. Idaho is also ranked 49th in advanced degree holders and educational attainment gap. Utah is again the only state that has less advanced degree holders.

The study was determined by workplace environment, education and health and political empowerment. The good news is Idaho was ranked 28th in workplace environment for women.

The states that are ranked best for women equality are Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, new Mexico and Arizona. Hawaii is ranked best for education and health while Nevada is ranked best for workplace environment and political empowerment.

I personally haven't felt that Idaho is a bad place for equality. I have never had an issue at the work place. About the closest experience I ever had was a man at an auto parts store assuming I didn't know what I was looking for (not entirely untrue). I had exactly what I needed written down and grabbed it, he wanted to ask my boyfriend in the parking lot if it was what I actually needed. Not really a big deal.

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