Man Attacks Woman With Pen on New York Subway
New Yorkers are forced to deal with a lot during their daily morning commute: crowds, delays, traffic. But smoking on the subway? Well, that's a whole other story.
According to reports, a man lit up a cigarette while riding the downtown 3 train at about 9:15AM Tuesday morning.
Naturally, the woman sit…
Four Things Women Are Better At Than Men
There’s a new book out this month called “Man Down“ that attempts to prove that women are “BETTER” than men.  And each of the 36 chapters details something women do best.  Here are four of them.
#1.)  Not Dying in a Car Crash..…
The Reason People Hold Grudges
The phrase “mommy didn’t love me enough” has been keeping the therapy business alive since day one.  And guess what?  We just found out about a NEW way your mom screwed you up!

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