When I moved to Idaho I was very skeptical. I knew it was a pretty state but we grew up making fun of Idaho in Utah. Luckily, Idaho lives up to, and exceeds, expectations on beauty and opportunities for adventure. We have found a number of favorite places to escape to in Southern Idaho. The Pine and Featherville area by Anderson Reservoir is a must see and camp-at location for anyone who has never been. Closer to home here in Twin we make multiple trips each year to Gaver's Lagoon at the Hayspur Fish Hatchery. These are places we go that make us feel happy. We also find happiness right here in Twin Falls. There are so many parks for the kids to play at and great restaurants. The beautification of Downtown Twin Falls has added in more activities and events to the city.

And all of that is just here in Southern Idaho. There is so much more if you venture North into the panhandle. That is part of the reason Idaho ranks in the top 10 happiest states. Getting outdoors and having fun activities makes people happy.

Source: WalletHub

Idaho ranks on the list of happiest states behind Hawaii, Utah, California, and somehow New Jersey. Wallethub ranked Idaho number 1 in 'Community and Environment' and we were ranked number 2 in 'Work Environment'. They ranked us pretty low on 'Emotional and Physical Well-Being' (clear down at 33) but that wasn't enough to make us sad. They still ranked us overall at number 6 in the nation!

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