Some days I am forced to realize that I may not be using my pandemic quarantine time as efficiently as other people. Today is one of those days. I haven't been lazy today either. I actually got dressed with real pants today, helped my kids with school work, finally winterized our swimming pool, and made time to play guitar. But I still feel like I could have done more after seeing the latest video from the constant world record breaker David Rush. David lives up in Boise and we have written about him quite a few times during this pandemic. He popped a record number of balloons in 60 seconds and along with an accomplice 'tooted' 108 times in a minute.

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In his latest world record attempt he bounced a ping pong ball off a wall - using only his mouth. This is a record that seems very non-pandemic friendly. I can only imagine the amount of slobber and germs on that ball. Gross.

While I do think the stunt is gross, even I can't deny the skill involved. As the video goes on you can see his accuracy in spitting the ball. Even just catching the ball that many times in a row is impressive. I just tried to catch a piece of candy in my mouth and missed, so now my dog is enjoying a piece of candy. David Rush does all these stunts in the name of, engineering, and math. His efforts are aimed at helping the STEM program and get people excited to learn new things.

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