People like Boise's David Rush make me feel like the world's biggest underachiever. In the past decade, he's toppled one Guinness World Record after another and recently received another certification for his trophy case.

David Rush is a motivational speaker, consummate record holder, and southern Idaho celebrity. Whether it's shattering the wet soap stacking record, tooting a horn, juggling, popping balloons, or catching tennis balls, there doesn't appear to be anything that Rush cannot do if a record is up for grabs.

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His most recent accomplishment was passing a 20-pound weight between his hands one hundred times in 15.88 seconds, according to Rush holds more than 50 records in total, according to GWW.

Some of these other feats include stomping the most balloons, juggling axes, balancing chainsaws, mouth-catching the most marshmallows, and balancing the most rolls of toilet paper on his head, all in record times. He's a freak of nature when it comes to random acts of athletism that require no real, physical skill whatsoever.

I'm not at all trying to downplay his achievements. There's no one perhaps in the entire Gem State that is making the most of his free time than Rush is. I first became aware of his record-breaking skills in 2017, and the majority have been accomplished from his own garage and kitchen in Idaho's capital city.

We salute David for all the men and women (and kids) who he's sent back to the drawing board to figure out ways to pick their game up. He's a true Gem State gem, and we can't wait to see what goal gets him inked into the record book yet again later down the road.

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