The alcohol versus marijuana debate is one that has been carried out by healthcare professionals for decades. A recent Idaho Reddit user bluntly, and astutely, questioned the state's willingness to allow bottles to empty over cached bowls.

Many of us have errands to run on our lunch breaks. For many Twin Falls residents, one of those noon-hour stops from time to time is the liquor store. I'd be lying if I said I've never spent half my lunch break standing in line staring at bottles of liquid courage. In fact, the Twin Falls lunch-hour liquor rush can be downright jaw-dropping some days.

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In a given week, I might have two to three cocktails. I've drastically reduced my alcohol consumption in the past two years. I mainly stick with red wine these days because I've reached a point in my life where due to my age, it's just smarter to take drinking down a bit. I drank my share of beers in my twenties and thirties and decided in 2020 to shift gears a bit and take on a healthier lifestyle. As far as marijuana is concerned, I don't smoke it, but that's not to insinuate I never have.

I read an interesting text chain on the Idaho / Reddit website the other day. An Idahoan asked why weed is so aggressively shunned in the Gem State, and yet people are allowed to drink themselves into oblivion as often as they want. I get it, the alcohol industry is a giant, and I think most Americans favor drinking much more than smoking weed.

One survey I found places Idaho in the top 10 states for heaviest drinking.

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