It's still illegal to smoke marijuana recreationally in more than a dozen states. Despite what the majority of Idahoans I know think about smoking weed leisurely, Idaho may very well be the last state standing in defiance of legalization due to the narrow majority of Republicans that still oppose adult cannabis use.

The stance against the legalization of marijuana for adult recreational use in Idaho appears to be weakening as the years come and go. A survey conducted by a U.S. strategic consulting firm found that 47% of registered Republicans admit to smoking marijuana either recreationally or for medical reasons. That same survey also found that nearly half of those interviewed were in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

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I look at the combination of data like this along with social media feedback from state residents on the matter and the opinions of Idaho friends, neighbors, and relatives and it leads me to believe that the majority of the Gem State is ready to see an end to recreational marijuana smoking being outlawed.

I know more people in Idaho that smoke marijuana recreationally than don't, and are more than willing to vote in favor of its legalization. From my experience, there's very little backlash from the Idahoans I've discussed the matter with when it comes to being opposed to legalization. The data available online strongly indicates Republican attitudes toward the matter are shifting in support of marijuana legalization with each passing year.

It may take another seven to 10 years, but I believe the legal, recreational use of the drug in Idaho is coming.

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