I can easily say I’m glad I haven’t shared the pressure placed on Priscilla Giddings in the last six months.  If you follow Idaho politics, you know a committee of her peers in the State House of Representatives recommended censure and removal of a committee assignment.  That may come for the Republican from White Bird during a special session in November. 

I’ve been observing political campaigns for 50 years and professionally for nearly 40 and I’ve not quite seen anything like what I did over the weekend.

While I’m still not clear on all the details. Giddings initially was suspicious of a claim made by a legislative volunteer.  The intern claimed to have been raped by Republican Representative Aaron von Ehlinger last March.  He was finally charged in September.  During a legislative hearing last spring, the alleged victim testified.  During the hearing, some of Giddings' colleagues believed she was out of line.  As I gathered, Representative Giddings wanted more details and wanted to believe von Ehlinger’s story of a consensual relationship.  Both Republicans are military veterans.

Many of you also know Giddings is a candidate for Lt. Governor.  How will a censure impact her campaign?  A liberal newspaper columnist named Chuck Malloy worries it will only make her stronger.  He worries because he’s a liberal and doesn’t like Giddings.

Others very much like her.  I’ve been getting feedback about her personal appearances.  To that point, I believed the tales were exaggerated.

On Saturday, she had a tent at the Liberty Festival in Twin Falls.  I pulled up a chair and watched as she greeted a steady stream of visitors.  One man broke into tears and praised the woman.  Veterans shared their stories.  Giddings served as an A-10 combat pilot before entering into politics.  I’ve been observing political campaigns for 50 years and professionally for nearly 40 and I’ve not quite seen anything like what I did over the weekend.

Giddings doesn’t need a majority.  Her current opponents include House Speaker Scott Bedke and former legislator Luke Malek.  They’re pursuing the same voting bloc.  This is going to be a very rollicking race for the May primary.

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