If it's possible, I was both shocked and not surprised when I learned what Idaho searched for more than anything else in 2016. Hazard a guess at what it might be?

The Estately blog decided to figure out what we're mystified by. Give yourself a pat on the back if you said "How did Trump win?". How was this a shock and also completely expected? I guess I expected something like "Why Boise is always at the top of all the stupid city rankings?" to be tops. Or, maybe that was just what I searched for more than anything else.

The not surprising part of this search is due to the fact that Trump won Idaho by such a large margin. But, then again, why would we need to search the reason why? Oh, that's right. We're Idaho.

Idaho's search results aren't nearly as disturbing as those from Montana. To our friends in Missoula, I just want you to know that we're canceling that camping trip we were planning with you. Yikes.

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