Idaho's Reddit page can be an entertaining place. Recently, someone shared an Idaho Town Pictionary puzzle and the hilarity has been non-stop.

This conversation was started by Idaho Reddit user kakat5. If you look close, you'll spot Twin Falls at #16. I was also able to figure out Bruneau at #12. I'm gonna take a stab at #21 and say that's Boise? Or, according to the picture, maybe it's Bell-see. Hmm.

If you think the picture is funny, you should see the responses. One Reddit user commented that he got 2 right and felt a false sense of accomplishment. Here's a rim shot to you, sir.

Over-achiever ebilgenius tried to figure out all of them which started a rage of corrections from the rest of the Reddit peanut gallery.

One of the most popular (according to the comments) Idaho pictionary pics was #4, Castleford.

If you'd love a real time-killer, I'd recommend checking out the full thread and seeing how many you can figure out.

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