The rest of the Internet is finally catching on to what we have known forever. One of our Magic Valley campgrounds has been named the most glorious in Idaho.

When I think of campgrounds, "glorious" isn't a word that comes to mind, but that's just me. But, one major website has used that word, so I'm gonna go along with it. Only In Your State has declared Salmon Falls Reservoir #1 on their "Most Glorious Idaho Campgrounds" list.

Whoever decided that there needed to be a "most glorious campground" was obviously a fisherman. Who can blame them? If you like to fish, you could do a lot worse than Salmon Falls Reservoir.

Did someone say fishing?

At Salmon Falls Reservoir, even sunlight is optional.

Congrats, Salmon Falls Reservoir. The Internet now knows why we tend to spend so much time with you.

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