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Locals will tell you Idaho has more than four seasons.  For instance, during a thaw in late winter, we have fool’s spring.  Some parts of the state have mud season.  There’s fire season and often mud rain season.

I would like to add zucchini season.  It's that time of year when gardens are overflowing with zucchini.  One vegetable can feed an entire neighborhood from one garden.  The surplus ends up on neighbor’s tables, canned, and at work where we invite people to take as much as they can carry away.  One morning this week we had a delivery.  One of the squashes was large enough to be classified as a dangerous weapon.  I posted a picture online and within minutes, a friend offered me a picture of a potential challenger.  Todd Eccles raises some very large squash at his home in Buhl.

We’re not alone.  KTVB admires some of the massive vegetables on display at the Western Idaho Fair.  View the link by clicking here.

I like squash.  As a kid, it was a different story.  During holidays, I would do my best to avoid eating it but was usually forced to choke it down.  Then sometime during my teenage years, I developed a taste for all varieties.  I especially like the versatility of zucchini.  I’ll be cooking some this weekend in spaghetti sauce.  Feel free to send me pictures of your largest piece of squash.  Maybe I can write a follow-up if you give me permission to use the pictures.

Then sometime this fall we can follow up with pumpkins.

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