I am honestly not really surprised by this survey. Idaho is ranked one of the least sinful states and the most sinful states aren't a surprise. Sinful as in the 7 deadly sins. Idaho ranks pretty well.

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The "7 Deadly Sins" are Anger, Jealousy, Vices, Greed, Lust, Vanity and Laziness. Kind of funny as it is, Idaho ranks highest in laziness, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Unless you count Idahoans working smarter not harder. There are some really hard working people here and Idaho is ranked right in the middle at 24.

If you combine all of the sins, Idaho is ranked 49th! Hey That is really good. The only state less "sinful" than us is Wyoming which is interesting to me. Idahoans really aren't jealous or hateful either. We are ranked 46th for Jealousy and 42nd for anger and hatred. I am surprised we aren't 50th because Idahoans are some of the friendliest and uplifting people I have ever met. Idaho does have the fewest thefts per capita though in the entire nation.

Like I said, Laziness is our worst attribute, Greed and Excesses/Vices is our next one. Greed I don't get because we are a giving community but we are ranked 38th. Excesses I feel like only make sense if we are talking boats, guns, trucks and all the fun stuff we need to enjoy the outdoors.

The number one most sinful state is a no brainer - Nevada. I don't think that surprises anyone.

Read the full study and all the criteria here.

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