Driving home a bumper sticker caught my attention.  I had stopped at the Oasis near St. Luke’s and as I was leaving, I saw the message.  The owner of the minivan is making it clear.  He’s not from California!  I believe we’re all aware, a lot of Idahoans equate Californians with root canal surgery, kidney stones, and ingrown toenails.  In some cases, I know locals who would rather suffer all three ailments before they would welcome a Left Coaster to town.

I Had Just Been to Lunch With Californians

I found the sighting a bit strange.  I had just been at a long three-hour lunch with friends.  Two of whom are transplants from the Golden State.  I dare say, they’re more conservative than me.  They came here from Lodi.  The place was made famous or infamous by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  They love Idaho, have gotten involved in local Republican politics, and have been involved with the Tea Party since its inception.

They once drove cross-country to see Glenn Beck speak at the Lincoln Memorial (I was at the same event).  They attended the massive 2009 Tea Party rally in Washington (me too!)

Every State Seems to Have a Bogeyman

My trips weren’t nearly as long.  At the time, I worked in Delaware, where the locals detest Pennsylvanians.  Even more so than transplants from New Jersey.  In Upstate New York, people like Pennsylvanians but can’t stand visitors and transplants from New York City and Long Island.

I’m told by friends who like vacationing in Hawaii that the native islanders don’t like anyone from the other 49 states.

Nobody Hates Idahoans

Idahoans catch a break.  It appears nobody dislikes them when they’re traveling in the lower 48.  Instead, people keep asking how far you live from Des Moines!

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