Mike Simpson refuses to debate.  His Lordship has rejected an offer from public broadcasting in Idaho.  Simpson has an opponent.  Bryan Smith is challenging the incumbent in the May 17th Republican Primary.  In full disclosure, I made up my mind months ago and plan to vote for Smith.  Unlike the incumbent, the challenger doesn’t consider himself a noble.

Since you can’t have a debate with just one candidate, no dice!

Simpson Even Angers Media Allies

Even the far-left editorial board at the Idaho Statesman has condemned Simpson for his refusal.  The board won’t be endorsing Smith after calling him a debt collector.  I guess liberal media believes we shouldn’t have to pay our bills.

Despite the condemnation of the incumbent, you can bet the paper will endorse Simpson.  He’s behind the scheme to remove four dams from the lower Snake River.  An idea that would harm Idaho agriculture, send power costs skyrocketing and essentially close the Port of Lewiston.  Mainstream media would rather save fish than human beings.

Simpson is the Creature of the D.C. Beltway

Homer, I mean Mike, may call Idaho his primary residence, but I suspect he spends most of his time living well in suburban Washington, D.C.

I came across a link from a recent GOP gathering where a woman asked Simpson why a mailing claims he was endorsed by Donald Trump.  The Representative explained it came from a political action committee and he doesn't have any control over the content.  He’s right on that count.  However, when she mentioned it was on his website, he had a condescending response.  Click here to view.  Smith will join Newsradio 96.1 and 1310 KILX on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, Governor Brad Little may also skip debates with his primary opponents.

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