This should be fun, and not just because the videos are entertaining. 2020 has been a lot of different things to different people, but I'd wager that it hasn't been 'the best year ever' for many people. For most it has been sub-par or downright horrible. We've had to completely change how we function and reevaluate what is important to us and worth our time. We only leave the house when we have to and when we are stuck at home we are still bombarded on social media and TV by bad news. There are still many great things happening, because 2020 and a pandemic can't take away the fact that there are good people who will shine no matter the situation.

During the year there have been some interesting video posted online that would be weird any other year, but this is 2020 and weird is normal. Idaho randomly showed up in a K-Pop music video and the classic yule log got an Idaho makeover and went outdoors to a lake shore. But those videos are just interesting, they don't really show us 2020. I found a bunch of videos that I believe will encapsulate the year and posted them below, but which one do you think is the best representation of the year so far?

2020 has been a literal dumpster fire. The only good thing to come from it is maybe a little warmth if you can get past the stench the year has given off. Yes, this year stinks.

Some days you just can't catch a break. You get knocked down over and over again, then just when you think you've found a solution to your problems, you get knocked back down to square one. Or worse, like this lady who can't get up the small incline on her path because of ice even when others navigate the way with ease.

Even Santa is done with this year. This Twitter video shows a maybe-inappropriate Santa decoration showing how he feels about the year. Maybe he'll give us all a gimme and put us on the nice list.

This video is a bit more blatant since it is actually a ridiculously dramatized showing of the year so far.

Then, you have those who are out there just trying to make the best out of a terrible situation. I feel a little bad for laughing at this one, but I did, and I watched it a bunch of times.

Which video best depicts the year so far for you?

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