Regardless of whether or not you've ever traveled from the Gem State to Hollywood, California, most Idahoans are aware that the city has a street called the Walk of Fame which commemorates famous Americans. If an Idaho city were to ever emulate Hollywood's famous tourist attraction, is there a famous Idahoan you'd like to see get recognition first?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame unveiled its first celebrity star in 1960. The honor was given to director Stanley Kramer. There are presently over 2,700 stars lining Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

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I've personally walked the boulevard many times. The stars mainly recognize famous athletes, actors, musicians, and film pioneers. Idaho has plenty of homegrown celebrities as well. Some of these individuals include actor Aaron Paul, baseball hall-of- famer Harmon Killebrew, author Ezra Pound, and actress Lana Turner. Turner's star can be found in the 6200 block of Hollywood Boulevard, according to an online biography.

Former Idaho senator Frank Church might be a person many Gem State residents would like to see honored in this fashion. In the 1960s, Church played a significant role in pursuing legislation that resulted in the protection of state wilderness and had a massive area of northern Idaho land named after him.

Boise would make the most sense as far as a host city for such an endeavor. I think a section of street devoted to famous Idahoans would be a cool idea.

If Idaho was to ever create its own Walk of Fame, who would you nominate to receive the first star?

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