After nearly thirteen weeks at the box office, Top Gun: Maverick is easily the highest-grossing film of 2022. To date, the sequel has earned more than $2 billion globally, and it's still playing at my local theater.

Since its release in late-May, Top Gun: Maverick has become the seventh highest-grossing film in the history of American cinema, according to numbers from Variety. Any movie that beats Titanic you know is a monster.

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Some of the call signs the pilots identified themselves by in the latest installment include "Payback," "Coyote," "Rooster," "Hangman," and of course, "Maverick." Tom Cruise takes the "Maverick" call sign again on what I found to be the greatest sequel ever made.

Having grown up just a couple of miles from the ocean, I still don't know why producers insist on including sports scenes in the franchise where men wear jeans to the beach, but I might be nitpicking. I mean, who plays volleyball or sand football in denim?

I still loved the film, and have seen it twice now. If Twin Falls had a Top Gun Academy for the best fighter pilots on the planet and I was 25 years younger, I might have a cool call sign too. I could see "Dickshooter" on my helmet, as in the small, southwestern region of Idaho.

So, if you were a Top Gun pilot executing training missions in the sky above the Magic Valley, what would your call sign be?

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