So I totally caught these kids ding dong ditching me in the middle of the day and it was fantastic. It is refreshing to see kids being kids. It was harmless and fun. Now I need to figure out how to get them back.

I know there are so many people that have had this happen to them and they are not ok with it. Some people have babies or crazy dogs or whatever. I am not condoning poor behavior at other people's homes. I am condoning these kids to continue to ding dong ditch my house because, for some reason, it made me so happy to see kids being kids.

I shared some information about this already online and almost 100 percent of the response was positive. It was harmless, non-destructive, fun, that made them giggle. Also, they run super fast! Get these kids on the track team!

So many people relate to this saying they remember doing it when they were kids. Kim said it made her day. Mine too Kim!

My favorite responses were people helping me find sweet revenge. Chris and a few other people suggested laying a Bluetooth speaker in my bushes and start scaring them with random noises. Omar suggested a potato gun and Sariah said we should stuff a candy launcher gun with peanuts.

I just might write a challenge in sidewalk chalk for them and see how brave they are. Maybe we will do a glitter bomb, maybe candy, I'm not sure yet. Mwah ha ha!

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