The Mega Millions Jackpot is at $363,000,000! After taxes… um, who cares, it's still enough to buy anything you want. So if you do are five things you could do with the money to make Twin Falls better. Better to your new millionaire eyes!

  • Townsquare Media, Twin Falls

    Buy Shoshone Falls!

    Your new pick up line: "I own Shoshone Falls!"

    I don't even know if this is legal, but when you have $363,000,000...I'm sure the city could work something out with you.


    Buy A McDonald's

    Any McDonald's!

    Don't get me wrong, the fries are delicious at Mickie Dees...but breakfast...oh McDonald's breakfast is where it's at. So buy a McDonalds and just serve breakfast all day long! 24-7!

  • Ken Lund, Flickr.con

    Buy A Sports Franchise!

    The Twin Falls Rapids!

    How cool would it be to own your own football or baseball franchise and move them here to Twin Falls?

  • Ethan Prater,

    Buy The Twin Falls Senior Center

    Plus if you do a good deed, you can erect a statue of yourself.

    The Twin Falls Senior center is under some financial troubles, but you could change that. Respect your elders. Without them, who would have wiped your butt?

  • motumboi,

    Buy A Concert Venue!

    We Need One! Please!!!

    Why drive to Boise or Jackpot when you've just build a state of the art concert venue in Twin Falls? Think about it!