Masks have been almost more of a controversy during the pandemic than the actual pandemic itself. Some people won't wear them because they don't believe the pandemic is real and others won't wear them because they don't think the masks can really protect from the virus. In the case of my kids they don't want to wear them because they are uncomfortable. But, no matter your feelings on masks, science says you can still help if you just shut up.

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Not talking may not be an option, or possible, for some so you can also help save humanity if you just talk a little more quietly in public. Loud speaking projects the air more violently than speaking quietly so, keep it calm and you may not have to wear a mask.

This latest scientific revelation seems to aim to cater to those who only want to do the least possible in this situation. But really if you won't listen to the CDC when they say that if we wear masks that we could eliminate this virus in a short amount of time and if you won't listen to the healthcare workers on the front line saying we should wear masks, I don't think you are going to start being more quiet in public. But at least you have options now.

Remember you aren't just wearing a mask for yourself or your neighbors - you could be saving Bigfoot too.

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