It isn't National Pancake Day but that isn't going to stop IHOP from selling some crazy cheap stacks of delicious pancakes. Today only, July 16th 2019, they are selling short stacks for 58 cents until 7 pm. IHOP is celebrating the founding of the business in 1958.

The offer is only valid in restaurant and one short stack per person at the 58 cent price. If you want to buy more at the full menu price that is up to you.

IHOP comes up in the news pretty often for different reasons. Back in March it was for the actual Pancake Day when you could get a free short stack of pancakes. We've also read a few times recently where they changed their name to IHOB in honor of them selling burgers. The company is also one of the few in Twin Falls where young kids can eat free with their paying parents.

Prices and participation vary by store and they will also probably be packed so call in advance to check.

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