I've had something strange that's started happening at my home here in Twin. Late at night, I've started hearing strange sounds and I'm at a loss as to where they're coming from.

First, a quick backstory. I have lots of kids. Sounds in my house are not an unusual phenomenon. Many times, I have to get up with kids that are either sick or maybe just want a drink of water. No big deal.

But, recently, I've started hearing voices, laughter and other miscellaneous sounds that I can't track back to my kids.

For example, last night on two occasions I heard the sound of kids talking. When I went to check on each of my kids, all were fast asleep. My wife heard the talking and sounds, too.

I'm not a superstitious person and don't believe in ghosts. I do, however, believe in supernatural activity and suspect possible demonic activity.

I'm wondering if you've encountered anything like this. If so, what do you believe it is? Any and all thoughts welcomed.