It appears Idaho is finally getting an In-N-Out restaurant! Now it isn't going to be here in Twin Falls but it looks like the restaurant chain is hoping to open in Boise. When we first heard the rumor I was hoping that the burger joint would be open next year. Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait a little bit longer.

In-N-Out has to be one of my favorite burger places of all time. After a few reports came out that the restaurant was looking into Idaho we looked into it more. The company stated that they are hoping to have a place open up by 2025 in Boise.

In-N-Out actually is under some scrutiny in California right now because they refuse to make their employees get vaccinated and the state shut down quite a few of them. I think they will do just fine here in Idaho.

The closest one is in Salt Lake City right now. To have one in Boise would be epic. I would probably drive there just for the food. I know a lot of people say that they don't understand the fad surrounding In-N-Out. I have two words for you, animal style. Animal-style fries and burgers are seriously the best. I am hoping that with In-N-Out finally expanding to Boise that there is a great chance it will come to Twin Falls.

People in Boise have been wanting an In-N-Out so bad there is an actual Facebook group to bring the restaurant there. I am so for this.

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